One Way Love: Is it Time to Move On?
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One Way Love: Is it Time to Move On?

We have all been there. A relationship in which one person is head over heels, but the other is not. How do you cope when you are the person that is not in love? And how do you determine when it is time to move on?

Determine the Reason You Aren't in Love

One of the biggest ways to determine if you need to get out of a one way love is to figure out why you feel this way. Were you once smitten with your partner, but time has seen this fade? Or have you never really felt anything romantic, but stayed in the relationship in order to meet some other need (sexual, financial, etc.)? In this step, it is incredibly important to be honest with yourself in determining what it is that you are in search of and what is lacking. By determining your needs, you will be able to make a decision on whether the relationship is worth terminating or trying to salvage.

Discuss with Your Partner

Communication is key. If the reason why you are not happy in the relationship has to do with something that can be changed, be sure to tell your partner. If it comes down to something bigger and it is time to end the one sided bond, then that should be discussed as well. While it might be difficult for both of you to talk about, by keeping things honest and open nobody ends up blindsided. Emotions will most likely run high, so make sure you choose a time and a place where the conversation can happen without interruption.

Make Realistic Expectations

Relationships start and end for a variety of different reasons. Remember that ending a one sided love relationship will have complications, especially the longer the two of you have been together. Kids, finances, pets, real estate, and more might have to be considered. If this is a fairly new relationship, there might even be less to have to work out.However, it is important to make realistic expectations of your break up. If it is more important to you to end the relationship than keep joint possessions, remember this.

While ending a one way love situation can be hard for all parties involved, it is sometimes necessary. Just remember to be open and honest with yourself and your partner. Doing so can mean the difference between hurt feelings and a amicable split.